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- Flash Tutorials - Flash Light Tutorial - By: Chad Freiling
In this tutorial I will show you how to create the Color Flash Light Effect for Flash MX. This Tutorial is For Flash MX (which can be considered Flash 6). Flash MX, from what I see so far has no real difference in actionscript than 5. But I do see the Layout and a few added additions to the scripting selections possible. But Enough of me rambling. On with the tutorial.
Ok.. To start off. Lets set up the Stage of the movie.

Set the Size of the stage to: width 400 by height 250.
Make the background color Black, and set the Frame rate to 22.
Next thing, Lets create the layers. Create 4 Layers and Name them as the following:

>> Actions (Top Layer) - ActionScript layer.
>> Light Mask(Second Layer) - Light Source. Actually will be set as a Mask later on in the tutorial.
>> Text (Third Layer) - Text Layer (Color or B&W)
>> Picture (Bottom Layer) - Picture Layer (Color or B&W)

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So, Now that we have these things set up. Let's go on to create the light source. What we're gonna do here is create a circle, this will turn in to our masked layer which allow us to see the layers below. (If that didn't confuse you, let's move on.)

Lock all layer execpt your 'Light Mask' layer. Now Select the layer and create a circle on the stage. The Color of the circle doesn't matter because when you make a layer a mask it will lose its color properties. When you create the Circle hold Down SHIFT while making the circle, Holding down SHIFT will allow the circle to keep a true circle form.

Locking all Layers but 'Light Mask' layer Creating a Circle The Lines in the image above are just the Grid. I turned it on to show the size along with the stage.
Next thing to do is to make the Circle a 'Grahpic Symbol'. To do this, Go To 'Insert > Convert to Symbol' you can also do this by pressing 'F8' while the circle is still selected. A Dialog box then will pop up (seen below). Name the new symbol 'light'. and set the behavior to 'Movie Clip'. then click 'OK'.
After you have created the New MC (Movie Clip) you will need to give it an instance name. To do this Locate the properties window, located below the stage area. Where it says '<instance name>' type in 'light'. We will see why we did this later on in the tutorial.
Now, Unlock the 'Text' and 'Images' Layer and lock the 'Light Mask' layer. Now you can add the Text and images you wish onto the stage. Make sure when importing your graphic and placeing your text that they are on the correct layers (example: Text goes in the 'text' layer and images/graphics go in the 'images' layer). I'm not going to go into much more detail when adding text and images, I asume you know how to import you images/photos.
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