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- Photoshop Tutorials - Stamp Effect Tutorial - By: Heathrowe

Learn how to create Stamps in Photoshop.

- Step 1
1. Here's a simple 'Layer Mask' and Brush Preset technique to create a custom edge stamp effect.
2. Start with the 'Rectangle Tool (U)'...
- Step 2
3. ...and draw the base shape as I have captured below.
I have set the foreground color of the shape to white (#ffffff) and also set a background layer with an off color.
- Step 3
4. With the stamp shape layer still active in the 'Layers Palette' as I have captured below, and the 'Rectangle Tool (U)' still active on the Toolbar...
- Step 4
5. Go to the 'Options Bar' and select the 'Paths' option icon as I have captured below.
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- Step 5
6. Next, draw a new 'Rectangle' path with the 'Rectangle Tool (U)' just inside the original stamp shape (hold 'Shift' key to constrain to proportions), as I have captured below. (Indicated by the solid box with the four anchor points)

NOTE: All this is happening on a single layer

- Step 6
7. Now that the path is in place, lets define a Brush Preset to create the knockout holes along the edge of a stamp.
To do this, select the 'Brush Tool (B)'...
- Step 7
8. ...then hit the 'F5' key to open the Brush Preset Control Panel. Simply adjust the 'Brush Tip Shape' settings to what I have captured below.
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