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- 3D Studio Max Tutorials From New Tutorials
3ds max software - the latest version of Discreet's award-winning modeling, animation, and rendering solution used by the world's top 3D professional artists and designers to create eye-catching visual effects , cutting-edge games , and unique design visualizations . | read more

3D Studio Max Tutorials

- It is not so hard and after this tutorial you will see that it takes only 5 mins to setup a scene.
Setting up Reference Images REFERENCE IMAGES
- In this tutorial you will learn how to set up reference images to help with modeling complex objects.
Create a Windows-Like Logo WINDOWS LOGO
- This tutorial will teach you how to create a Windows like logo.
Polygon-modelling - A Hand Gun MODELING A HAND GUN
- Tutorial for beginners in polygon-modelling. Learn how to use the most important tools.
3D Glass 3D GLASS
- In this tutorial you will learn how to make a drinking glass with ice cubes and materials for them.
Explosion Tutorial EXPLOSION
- This tutorial explains how to make cool-looking explosions like this picture.
Creating a character CHARACTER
- Creating a character from A to Z, modeling, textures, skinning.
3D Shapes 3D SHAPES
- Learn how to create random, twisted 3D shapes with little effort.
Modelling A Robot MODELING A ROBOT
- Making a robot from primative objects.
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